Store Launch - 45 days

Hi all,

Very exciting to have a setup Floressa shopify store this week. The next few week will really see the bulk of web designing taking place to make the store looks beautiful and user friendly. 

Supply chain for the store is very much sorted with a wonderful supplier lined in Belgium to supply the ultra-high end Belgium Flax Linen material which will be used in our signature Floressa custom curtains. Another supplier is lined up in India who will also supply extremely premium Indian silk as a variant to Flax linen. 

Finally we have also signed a contract with a very professional and high quality textile manufacturer who will add the wonderful customisation on demand such as sizing, screening and design (euro pleat, double pinch etc) at very low prices. 

Therefore very excited to say everything is coming together and the 45 days will really see the backend of the shop taking place for a launch in September when the marketing will start to really take off. 

Here is to a wonderful start to Floressa!

Shan & Zakiya

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